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World Journal of Clinical & Medical Images(WJCMI)

ISSN: 2833-9312

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World Journal of Clinical and Medical Images emphasizes on systematic, well-structured and effective images, videos and graphics in order to provide a platform for scientists, researchers, and medical professionals from different disciplines to exchange ideas, recognize problems, probe relevant issues, share common interests, explore new ways, and initiate possible collaborative research and development. The journal significantly benefits a large variety of academic, medical, research, health, and industrial sectors. More specifically, the journal covers the following aspects:


Medical ultrasonography

Optical Projection Tomography (OPT)


Medical Microbiology





Nuclear Medicine and Bone Scan

…and a lot more.

World Journal of Clinical and Medical Images is a scholarly open access journal that covers images, videos, abstract images and graphics related to the new and emerging technologies concerning with all major diagnostic methods which helps in providing the updated information in medical and clinical diagnosis. Some of the topics are listed here:



Bone Replacement


Skin Diseases




Internal Medicine

Breast Cancer


Infectious Diseases



Gastrointestinal Surgery

Vascular Surgery

Head & Neck Surgery



Bone Replacement

……..and others that can be covered under clinical and medical science.

World Journal of Clinical and Medical Images is being published by Opast Online Group with the aim of publishing the clinical and medical images from all around the globe that are related to all the areas of clinical science and medicine. The purpose of this journal is to spread the knowledge of novel discoveries by publishing high-quality articles in the vast field of clinical and medical imaging science with special attention on patient care. The journal aims to present imaging science and relevant clinical information in an understandable and useful format.

The main objective of this journal is to serve the associated scientific community and relevant readers with the latest scientific information that acts as an aid to the researchers in further. The journal aims to circulate clinical, medical and biological images in order to appeal all major diagnostic methods that provide the latest information on the integrated role of imaging modalities in medical and clinical diagnosis.

Therefore, the doctors, scientists, researchers and individuals are encouraged to send efficacious images to Journal of Clinical, Medical and Experimental Images in the following, but not limited to, clinical and medical disciplines:

Arthritis Images

Breast MRI

Cardiology Images

Chemotherapy Images

Chest MRI

Urology Images

Transplantation Images

Surgery Images

Shoulder MRI

Radiology Images

Ophthalmology Images

Oncology Images, Immunology Images

Neuroscience Images

Cloning and Transgenesis Images

Dentistry Images

Florescence Images

Gynaecology Images

Haematology Images

MR Angiography of Limb Vessels

MR Urography

MR Venography

MRI Prostate

Musculoskeletal MRI