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Journal of Textile Engineering and Fashion Technology(JTEFT)

ISSN: 2771-4357

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Volume 4, Issue 1

DOI: doi.org/10.33140/JTEFT.04.01.03
Research Article
Natural v/s Commercial trypsin isolated from liver waste of Labeo rohita
Author(s): Charu Batav and Ragini Gothalwal
DOI: doi.org/10.33140/JTEFT.04.01.02
Research Article
Different Pattern Designs with Printing Method on Classic Worsted Wool Fabrics
Author(s): Tarkan AYDIN, Beste AYDIN, Mehmet Kemal AKIN
DOI: doi.org/10.33140/JTEFT.04.01.01
Research Article
Effects of Different Mordanting Methods of Dye from Reseda Luteola Plants on Cotton, Viscose Rayon Knitted Fabrics Coloration
Author(s): Gizem Caliskan, Pinar Sezgin, Emine Dilara Kocak, Sevda Altindere, Ozge Kosemek