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Journal of Robotics and Automation Research(JRAR)

ISSN: 2831-6789

Researchers and authors can directly submit their manuscript online through this link Online Manuscript Submission.
Journal DOI : doi.org/10.33140/JRAR

Journal of Robotics and Automation Research is scholarly open access journal that caters to the immediate and compelling needs of the academia and industry by bringing the latest happenings in the field of Robotics and the automation industry. This journal encourages the scientific community to explore the original research using qualitative and empirical techniques. The journal considers original research in the form of Research articles, review articles, case studies, short commentaries, book reviews, conference proceedings, editorials, and the letters to the editor for publication. Journal of Robotics and Automation Research caters to a wide range of audience such as computer hardware and software professionals, researchers and scholars of the robotics, the gaming and the robotic industry, academicians and students. The journal accepts Review Articles, Original Articles and Short Communications, etc. Submit manuscript at http://www.opastpublishers.com/submit-manuscript/

The Key areas in which the journal accepts manuscripts include
Computer Aided Design
Cartesian Coordinates
Cartesian Manipulator
Cartesian Topology
Cartesian-coordinate Robot
Centrifugal Force
Circular Motion Type
Closed Loop
Collaborative Robot
Command Interpreter
Command Position
Contact Censor
Control Algorithm
Control Command
Cubic Interference Area
Cyclic Coordinate System
Cyclo Drive
Dead man’s switch
Forward Kinematic Solution
Forward Kinematics
Functional Safety Unit
Gantry Robot
Hormonic Drive
Gantry Robot
Interference Area
Jacobian matrix
Joint Interpolated Motion
Ladle Gripper
Linear Motion
Linear Interpolated MotionParallel Shift Function
Payload Maximum
Teach Pendant
Presence-sensing Safeguarding Device
Power and force limiting
Broad category of research areas for this journal
Operation, and application of computer systems and robots
Control and automation
Sensory network
Sensory feedback
Information processing
Machine learning
System dynamics
Control, simulation, and languages of the system
Software & hardware designing
Embedded system
Artificial intelligence
Image processing
Economic analysis
Industrial robots
Manufacturing, and social implications