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Journal of Plasma Chemistry and Plasma Processing Research(JPCPPR)

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Journal of Plasma Chemistry and Plasma Processing Research provides the publications of recent advancements and fundamental research in this field. Plasma is an ionized gas, a precise fourth state of matter. “Ionized” means a minimum of 1 electron isn't bound to an atom or molecule, converting the atoms or molecules into charged ions. As temperature increases, molecules become more energetic and transform matter within the sequence: solid, liquid, gas, and eventually plasma. We encourage you to tell us about your research at https://opastpublishers.com/manuscript-submission
Target audiences:
Plasma Chemists
Directors from Companies
University Professors
Young Researchers
Research Scientists
Research Scholars and students
Subjects include these but not limited to:
Plasma chemistry
Plasma chemistry and plasma processing
Non-thermal plasma chemistry and physics
Plasma chemistry and catalysis in gases and liquids
Plasma spectrochemistry
Plasma diagnostics
Chemistry of plasma with liquids
Plasma nanotechnologies
Applied plasma technologies
Plasma classification
Recent progress in chemi-ionization kinetics
Chemical processes and kinetics during a non-equilibrium and quasi-equilibrium plasma
Homogeneous and heterogeneous reactions in plasmas of moderate pressure
Spectrometric plasma diagnostics
Organic syntheses under plasma conditions
The survival of plasma chemistry
Artificial Plasmas
Industrial Plasma Applications of Materials
Terrestrial plasmas
Inertial Confinement Fusion
Plasma Physics
Magnetic Confinement Fusion
Space and Astrophysical plasmas
Plasma Applications in Physical Mathematics
Plasma in Food Processing
Plasma Potential
Plasma Treatment of Biomaterials
Plasma to bear with Liquids
Low Energy Plasmas
Atmospheric-Pressure Plasma
Plasma in Biomedical and Agricultural Applications
Plasmas in Energy and Environmental Applications