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Journal of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Research(JGEBR)

ISSN: 2690-912X 

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Journal DOI : doi.org/10.33140/JGEBR

Calculated Impact Factor 0.94*

Journal of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Research is steadfast to rapid publication of full-length research papers that prompt huge commitment in advancing knowledge in genetic engineering and biotechnology research inquire about and give novel approach viewpoints in this research area. Journal of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Research incorporates every single significant subject identified with genetic engineering and recombination DNA. Journal of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Research incorporates a wide range of fields to make a stage for the authors to make their contribution towards the journal and the editorial office guarantees a peer review process for the submitted original manuscript for the nature and quality of publishing. Journal aims to distribute the entire and most reliable source of information and current advancements in the method of unique articles, review articles, case reports, and short communications.

Welcome Articles From
Biological professors
Forensic Research
Industrial biotechnology
Molecular biology
Molecular genetics
Research Scientists
Research Scholars and students
Stem cell biologist
Subject Categories Include:
Advanced analytical techniques
Agricultural Biotechnology
Animal Biotechnology
Animal genetics
Antisense RNA
Applied Genetic Engineering
Bacterial enzymes
Biological & Biochemical Techniques
Bioprocess and Bioengineering
Cell Biology
Cloning & Transgenesis
Commercial Aspects of Biotechnology
Computational genomics Advancements in Genetic Engineering
Developmental Biology
DNA Microarray
DNA Replication
Downstream Processing
Ecology & Biodiversity
Electronics Engineering
Engineering Drawing
Engineering mathematics
Engineering Mechanics
Environmental Biotechnology
Functional Genomics
Genetic Engineering
Genetic linkage analysis
Genetic Probes
Genetic Syndromes & Gene Therapy
Genetically Engineered Microorganism
Genetically Modified Animals
Genetically Modified Plants
Genetics & Evolution
Green Fluorescent Protein
Hereditary Genetics
Human Genetics & Embryology
Industrial Biotechnology
IPR, Biosafety, Bioethics & Enterpreunership
Mammalian Anatomy
Mammalian physiology
Medical Biotechnologt
Microbial biotechnology
Molecular and Genetic Medicine
Molecular Biology of Eukaryotes
Molecular Biology of Prokaryotes
Molecular Cell Signalling
Molecules of life Enzymology & Enzyme Technology
Mutant organisms
Neurobiology and Behavioral Sciences
Plant Biotechnology
Plant genetics
Protein Sequencing
Recombinant DNA
Research Methodology & Scientific writing
RNA Splicing