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Journal of Fish and Fisheries(JFF)

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Journal of Fish and Fisheries is a peer reviewed, open access scientific journal that publishes research articles, reviews, commentaries, clinical images, short communications, letter to the editor, case reports, conference proceedings in the field of fish biology and fisheries. Journal of Fish and Fisheries covers policy aspects of fisheries, fish palaeontology, electronic monitoring of fisheries, genetic manipulation of fish, ecological studies, fishery biology, wild fisheries, fish farming and fish management, etc.

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Welcome articles from:

Experts in fisheries

Biology scientists

Research scholars

Faculty and Staff

University Professors

PhD Scholars

Genetics schlars

Molecular biologists


Topics include, but are not restricted to:

Molecular biology



Fisheries assessment

Fish biology

Genetic engineering

Environmental biology

Molecular biology

Evolutionary biology

Fish farming

Wild fisheries


Conservation biology