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Journal of Anesthesia & Pain Medicine(JAPM)

ISSN: 2474-9206

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Volume 7, Issue 2

DOI: doi.org/10.33140/JAPM.07.02.03
The Cure for Burnout and Implicit Bias – Emotional Intelligence
Author(s): Joe Doty, Grant Cabell, Dean Taylor
DOI: doi.org/10.33140/JAPM.07.02.02
Research Article
Cardioprotection with Nitroglycerin in Cardiovascular Anesthesia
Author(s): Carlos Arturo Iglesias Herrera, Rafael Ricardo Ramírez Morales, Daniela Ramírez Mantilla, Maria Fernanda Landinez Cordero, Daniela Fernanda Portilla Galeano, Santiago Andrés Tapia Mora, Paula Loaiza Medina, Jhonatan Ortega Ruiz
DOI: doi.org/10.33140/JAPM.07.02.01
Review Article
Gastrointestinal Complications Post Cardiac Surgery: A Narrative Review
Author(s): Naveen Yadav