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Journal of Agriculture and Horticulture Research(JAHR)

ISSN: 2643-671X

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Journal of Agriculture and Horticulture Research aims to bring both small-scale and vast scale cultivation development which provides an Open Access stage to the scientists who focus around the research that supports Agriculture and horticulture knowledge, abilities, innovations, training, education, and commerce. Agriculture and Horticulture Research additionally aims to distribute the entire and most reliable source of information and current advancements in the method of unique articles, review articles, case reports, and short communications. Agriculture and Horticulture is a key factor in viable correspondence of the significance of plants, their development and their utilization for feasible human existence. Journal of Agriculture and Horticulture Research encourages the authors and wishes to distribute papers as long as they are in fact rectify and motivates scientifically. We encourage you to tell us about your research at https://opastpublishers.com/manuscript-submission
Agricultural economics and agribusiness
Agricultural genomics
Arid soil research and rehabilitation
Quality Assurance Managers
Quality Assurance Specialists
Quality Control Specialists
Scientists and Professors of Agricultural engineering
Scientists and Professors of Crop science
Scientists and Professors of Horticulture
Seed science researchers
Soil science
Subject categories include:
Advanced Food Processing Technologies
Agricultural Biotechnology
Agricultural Diversification
Agricultural Economics
Agricultural Engineering
Agricultural Entomology
Agriculture Utilization
Agro climatology
Agronomy: Plant science
Animal nutrition
Animal science: Animal breeding
Applied horticulture
Biomass and Bioenergy
Diabetes Nutrition
Energy Agriculture
Environmental science: Agricultural Biodiversity
European horticulture
Food - Health and Nutrition
Food Biotechnology and Nutrition
Food Safety
Food Science and Technology
Food science: Nutrition
Food Toxicology
Horticulture hydroponics
Horticulture marketing analysis
Horticulture nurseries
Horticulture oil
Horticulture Research
Horticulture source
Horticulture vs Agriculture
Irrigation and water management
Japanese horticulture
Land scape horticulture
Management and Preservation
Materials and Processing
Medicinal Plants
Molecular Biology
Molecular Nutrition
Nutrition in Developing Countries
Nutritionist Communications
Organic gardening
Plant breeding
Plant Culture
Plant fertilization
Plant nutrition
Postharvest physiology
Rainwater harvesting
Sensory and Consumer Sciences
Soil and Environmental Sciences
Soil biology
Soil chemistry
Soil science: Soil physics
Theoretical production ecology
Tissue Culture