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International Journal of Health Policy Planning(IJHPP)

ISSN: 2833-9320

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Journal DOI : https://doi.org/10.33140/IJHPP

International Journal of Health Policy Planning is a peer reviewed, open access scientific journal that publishes research articles, reviews, commentaries, clinical images, letter to editor, case reports, conference proceedings in the emerging field of health policy and health care management. International Journal of Health Policy and Planning covers health economics, infectious diseases, epidemiology, health policy processes, health management, policy makers, equity, diseases prevention, health systems research, and implementation research and evaluation.

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Subject categories include:

Adolescent Health

Adult Day Health Services (ADHS)

Basic Health Program (BHP)

Behavioral Health

Child Health

Chronic Health Conditions

Culture of Health

Diseases Prevention


Diabetes Outreach

Digital Health

Eating Disorders

Education and Child Abuse

Economics of Global Health & Development

Essential Health Benefits (EHB)



Family planning

Health Care Politics

Health Care Utilization

Health Disparities

Health Influences

Health Planning

Health Policy & Gender

Health Policy Processes

Health Systems Research

Health Care and Counselling

Health Management

Health Psychology

Implementation Research

Infectious Diseases

Maternal Health

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Newborn Health

Non-Communicable Diseases


Personalized Medicine

Policy Makers

Population Health

Reproductive Health

Sexual Health

Urban Health

Weight Lose

Workforce Planning


Yoga and Health Fitness

Young Adult Coverage

Young Women Predictors