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Chemical Glycobiology Journal(CGJ)

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Chemical Glycobiology Journal will spread the foremost recent developments and advancements happening within the field of Glycochemistry through article publications. Glycobiology is that the study of the structure, biosynthesis, and biology of saccharides that are cosmopolitan in nature. Chemical glycobiology, as broadly defined, explores chemical approaches and ideas for deciphering and understanding the function of entire glycomes and related partners. Why is Glycobiology important?
  • Glycans play a task in communication between cells and their external environment.
  • Glycosylation is a vital determinant of the efficacy of biologics like therapeutic antibodies.
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Topics included:
Synthesis and Biological Role of Glycans
Glycans in Diseases and Therapeutics
Glycans in Drug Design
Proteoglycan and Sialic acid
Genomics and Metabolomics
Glycolipids and Glycopeptides
Glycans in Diseases and Therapeutics
Glycan’s in Vaccine Development
Glycans in Structural and Computational Systems Biology
Glycoconjugates, Glycomics and Transcriptomics
Structural Bioinformatics and Proteomics
Glycosciences and Monosaccharides
Dynamic Protein Modification by O-GlcNAcylation
Glycosyltransferases and Glycobioinformatics
Glycans in Oncodevelopment and Immunology
Cellular Processes Controlled by Glycans and Lectins
Glycobiology in Diabetes and Stroke
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Industry Experts
Director of Laboratories
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Post-Doctoral Fellows
Practitioners and Educators
Glycobiology Associations and Societies
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