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Cardiology: Open Access(COA)

ISSN: 2476-230X

Impact Factor: 0.651

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Volume 7, Issue 2

Review Article
Inhalation of Heliox as a Potential Treatment for the Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) caused by Covid-19
Author(s): Juan Ma, Yuan Shi, Qing Mao, Hui-min Liu
Research Article
Using Thrombin Time to Evaluate the Efficacy of Anticoagulant Therapy for Acute Cerebral Infarction
Author(s): Qianqian Li, Tingjiao Liu, Yan Gao, Xinxin Guo, Ying Jia, Qian Shi, Shanshan Yang
Research Article
The Psychological Experience of Elder Mothers Raising a Second Child: A Qualitative Study
Author(s): Yurong Ge, Xin Zhang, Jingyuan Zheng, Fen Zeng, Ike Kitili, Qianyi Chen