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Advance in Environmental Waste Management & Recycling(AEWMR)

ISSN: 2641-1784

Contact Us: editor.aewmr@scientificpub.org

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Journal DOI : doi.org/10.33140/AEWMR

Advance in Environmental Waste Management & Recycling is an international open access peer-reviewed publication that focuses on the most advantageous utilization of the natural resources with social responsibility, by highlighting on recycling and waste management. The journal aims at discovering the recent innovations and developments in this field with a view to check the global warming. A critical strategy for squander administration is the counteractive action of waste material being made, also known as waste reduction. Methods of avoidance include reuse of second-hand products, repairing broken items instead of purchasing new, designing products to be refillable or reusable. We focus on bringing out the best quality and original research works from scientists, researchers, postgraduate students, and academia on our online platform. We encourage you to tell us about your research at https://opastpublishers.com/manuscript-submission

Biological professors
Business Entrepreneurs
Chemical Engineers
Chemical Industries
Environmental Academia’s
Environmental Engineers
Environmental Engineers
Faculty of health and science
Green Energy Training Institutes
Recycling Associations
Recycling Industries
Recycling Researchers
Research Scientists
Research Scholars and students
Scientists and Professors of recycling & Waste management
Waste Management Associations
Subject categories include:
Cleaning storm water pits
Duty of Care
Domestic Waste
Fire Safety on Waste Sites
Gas diffusion
Gas centrifuge
Greenhouse effect
Harvesting energy from combustion
Hazardous Waste
Health risks of nuclear waste
Improving water quality from any source - physical, chemical, biological impurities
Industrial Waste
Industrial effluent
Introductory Courses
Landfill Management
Methods of refuse sorting - screening, magnetic, hand sorting
Managing snow
Methods of street cleaning - gritting, sanding, sweeping, washing, etc
Mining nuclear fuel
Managing water for public supply
Nuclear power
Nuclear fission
Nuclear waste
Ozone depletion
Rubbish tips (dumps)
Recycling plastics
Recycling metals
Recycling glass
Recycling paper
Recycling rubber
Reed bed treatment
Recycling Waste
Refuse disposal-separation, controlled tipping, combustion, pulverization, etc
Refuse for fertilizer
Specialist Waste Courses
Street Cleaning & Disposal of Refuse
Scope of purification
Scope and nature of recycling
Types of incinerators
Toxic and Nuclear Waste
Transporting nuclear waste
Uranium enrichment
Vacuum systems for refuse collection - garchey system, gandillon
Water Quality and Treatment
Water treatment methods
Water borne diseases
Waste Legislation
Waste Smart
Pricing control compared with direct control
Purification methods - sedimentation, filtration, disinfection, aeration, screening, etc
Recycling sewage water
Recycling waste water